Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Bus Stop Story – Fight for Yourself!

During our morning ride to school (which happens to be about 40 minutes since Madison goes to private school), Madison and I got into a conversation about Bullying. As you know Bullying comes in all forms, physical, emotional, and now online. Let’s just say that she is dealing with some indirect bullying. As she relayed the story to me the father in me, the protector in me, the human in me, steadily heated up like smoldering lava before the catastrophic volcano! It took everything in me not to ask her, Where is she? What’s her 1st period class? Trust me, Daddy will take care of this right now!

As Madison continued with the story it all of sudden hit me. I could hear the words like my mom was standing right next to me. They were as clear as a Sunny Day with no clouds…My Mom’s infamous words to me as I returned home from just being pummeled, beat up, and embarrassed by 3 guys who jumped me at my bus stop in Junior High. A part of me still can’t believe what she said to me. It was regular school day. I left the house that day thinking about the normal junior high things, girls, band practice and the new Atari Game I had. I arrived at the bus stop just like normal. There were typically 7 or 8 of us that caught the bus. Most of us where guys. For some reason that day, Middle School Testosterone was directed towards me. Was it because I was the new guy? Was it because I was the biggest guy? (I’ve always been the Tallest and Biggest in most settings) To this day, I don’t know why but out the corner of my eye, I see one of my “friends” try to hit me. Me thinking he was playing, hit him back. Actually it was even a hit but just what I would call a hit/push. Laughing as I did it, I didn’t think I was getting set up but then his brother all of a sudden says, “Why did you hit my brother?” Me, “Wait, what? We were just playing”. That’s the last words I remember saying but the butt woppin commenced. My “Friend”, His brother and for added measure another guy took out whatever they were dealing with on my face. They KICKED MY BUTT! OMG!

When the bus arrived, the bus driver saw my bloodied face and seemed to look like she wanted to quote Smokey in Friday, “You just got knocked the F… out!”. Thankfully she didn’t. She has me what happened. Told my 3 “friends” to sit at the back of the bus. When we go to school she had the principal and nurse come out the bus. Needless to say, they got suspended and I got ice on my face.

The school called my Mom and told her what happened. She talked to me over the phone and through tears I told her I was fine. This was on a Monday. The guys got suspended for a week. So when the n next Monday rolled around, I told my mom that I was going to catch the bus at another location. You see I didn’t want to face them again. I didn’t want the embarrassment again and I definitely didn’t want another blackeye as my face was just finishing recovering from the 1st black eye. Then She SAID IT! Again, I still can’t believe it! As I relayed my safety plan to her she says, “OH NO, YOU ARE GOING TO LEARN HOW TO FIGHT FOR YOURELF!” Me, “Wait, What?” You see my Mom is the nicest, sweetest person you will ever know. I knew she would understand why I didn’t want to get beat up again. However, she transformed suddenly into an MMA fighter. She proceeded to tell me not only was I going to the Bus stop but she showed me how to take my home keys and put them between my fingers to make a make shift weapon so that I could protect myself! OMG! Who is this woman? WOW! I told her, “No Mother, that’s ok…I just will not go!” Her response, If you don’t go, then You will have to deal with me. Me, “Wait, What?”. Her…YOU HAVE TO FIGHT FOR YOURSELF!

So that brings me back to Today’s ride. NOTE: NO, I didn’t show Madison how to make a make shift weapon. LOL! But I did pass on my mother’s message to me learned through the bruises I earned 30 years ago, YOU HAVE TO FIGHT FOR YOURSELF. YOU HAVE TO STAND UP FOR YOURSELF! After relaying the story to her, Madison of Course asked, What happened when you went back to the Bus Stop. Well, I Said, let’s just say the guys hadn’t learned their lesson and tried to jump me again BUT this time I FOUGHT FOR MYSELF! (I didn’t tell her I lost again! LOL!) but this time since I fought so hard I never had a problem with them again!

I encourage you to remember to FIGHT FOR YOURSELF!

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