Tuesday, June 27, 2017


The Bus Stop Story – Fight for Yourself!

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During our morning ride to school (which happens to be about 40 minutes since Madison goes to private school), Madison and I got into a conversation about Bullying. As you know Bullying comes in all forms, physical, emotional, and now online. Let’s just say that she is dealing with some indirect bullying. As she relayed the story to me the father in me, the protector in me, the human in me, steadily heated up like smoldering lava before the catastrophic volcano! It took everything in me not to ask her, Where is she? What’s her 1st...

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12 Yrs in Business! On Top of the World

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At My Galleria Office Today on top of the world! Look at this view. How Blessed am I to own a company that helps businesses dreams come true! How Blessed am I to have been in business for 12 years this month! God is So good. Enjoy the view from the top of the world!

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Five Reasons Americans Are Not As Wealthy As They Could Be – Forbes

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Five Reasons Americans Are Not As Wealthy As They Could Be – Forbes. Five Reasons Americans Are Not As Wealthy As They Could Be: 1. They don’t save enough.  2. They carry high-interest debt. 3. They make investment decisions based on emotion. 4. They spend large amounts of money on depreciating assets 5. They start a plan too late.   START...

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TGIF – God and Clarity @ Starbucks

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This is how I am spending my Friday morning. I am sitting at Starbucks outside listening to the Audio book – The 4 hour Work Week. We do not spend enough time with ourselves marveling at Gods greatness. You must take the time to sit still and listen to God within you. It not only brings you peace but it brings clarity to your goals and your life. Kevin...

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